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CybeReady Adds SMS Text Phishing (Smishing) Simulations to Cybersecurity Learning Platform

Smishing Simulations & Learning Now Part of Social Engineering Suite to Ensure Employee Readiness in Defense Against Fraudulent Text Messages

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — CybeReady, a global leader in autonomous cybersecurity learning, today announced the integration of Smishing Simulations & Learning into its award-winning Cybersecurity Learning Platform. The update offers a proactive response to the rise of Smishing or SMS text message-based phishing attacks – an elaborate attack increasingly employed by cybercriminals.

Smishing is a cunning cyber threat that exploits our reliance on text messaging. This deceptive method combines SMS (Short Message Service) with phishing to trick individuals into revealing sensitive information through seemingly innocuous text messages. It includes deceiving a person to click a link or to provide sensitive information via SMS text messages. The message often appears to come from a trusted sender, such as a reputable source. It creates a sense of urgency by asserting there is a situation that requires immediate action.

As smishing evolves, the importance of proactive measures against this threat becomes evident. Organizations must invest in continuous, relevant, data-driven cybersecurity learning to prepare employees.

CybeReady’s innovative Smishing Simulations & Learning solution is a cutting-edge addition to its fully managed security employee learning suite. Aimed at empowering cybersecurity leaders to foster cultural and behavioral change without the need for dedicated IT resources, this new solution specifically targets the growing menace of smishing attacks, providing employee learning solutions to assist with:

● Understanding the Risk: Smishing, a tactic exploiting SMS for phishing, poses a significant threat to organizations. This threat is exacerbated when the phishing SMS is blended into legitimate conversations, exploiting the misconception that text messages are secure.

● Simulations, Educational Content, and Best Practices: CybeReady’s customer success team offers a selection of recommended smishing attacks, delivered in employees’ local language for maximum impact. Simulated corporate attacks can be delivered in the corporate language for enhanced credibility.

● Program Administration: Administer to those employees with company-issued computing and communication devices to ensure responsible testing, and compliance, and to address logistical challenges.

● Smishing Campaign Management: Smishing campaigns run on top of the ongoing monthly phishing campaigns with comprehensive analytics provided after completing educational engagements.

● Affordable Deployment: The CybeReady team evaluates campaign feasibility and assists with tailored deployment strategies that cost-effectively deliver positive learning metrics compliant with corporate mandates.

Adding Smishing Simulations & Learning makes CybeReady one of the most advanced cybersecurity learning platforms. Utilizing adaptive methodologies and machine learning algorithms, it offers personalized and engaging experiences tailored to each employee’s unique needs and learning patterns. The solution includes a wide range of interactive content, such as simulations of real-life smishing attacks, and concise educational materials like Security Bites, which cover various cybersecurity topics.

“With smishing gaining traction in recent years, employees must be made ready to raise a defense,” said Mike Polatsek, CEO of CybeReady. “CybeReady’s comprehensive suite of smishing simulations and learning allow enterprises to remain one step ahead of these troublesome cyber threats.”

For more information about CybeReady’s Autonomous Cybersecurity Learning Platform, visit http://www.cybeready.com.

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