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Volt AI Secures $12M Funding to Deliver Real-Time Video Intelligence to Security Teams

Series A Round Fuels Volt AI’s Ongoing Mission to Elevate Safety & Security for Organizations and Communities.

BETHESDA, MD, USA, November 15, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Volt AI, the leading provider of real-time video intelligence, announced the next stage of its journey, marked by a Series A funding round that raised $12M. This investment marks a significant milestone in Volt’s mission to deliver innovative solutions that make the world a safer place.

At its core, Volt AI is purpose-built for security teams who refuse to let any incident go unnoticed. Volt’s unique approach enables visual tracking of people and objects across multiple locations. By doing so, Volt brings unparalleled efficiency and intelligence to the incident management process.

Sal Mani, Global Head of Security for Ripple, emphasizes the impact of Volt on his GSOC, stating, “Volt has transformed our security operations, making us more proactive and efficient. It simplifies complex tasks, improves incident management, and provides invaluable insights.”

“We are proud of our trusted partnerships with security teams that come from various industries and company sizes. Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions, making the world a safer place for everyone, whether it’s safeguarding your office or your children’s school,” says Egor Olteanu, CEO and co-founder of Volt AI.

Adam Neely, Principal at Prescott High School, adds, “Volt offered a real opportunity to create the level of safety that I didn’t think was possible.”

Series A Funding Round

The Series A round was led by Abstract Ventures, with participation from Buckley Ventures. The funds raised will be used to further enhance Volt’s platform, expand the team, and reach more customers in need of Volt’s solutions.

“With this new infusion of capital, we are excited to accelerate our mission, – says Egor Olteanu, – Volt AI is committed to pushing the boundaries of real-time video intelligence and making an even greater impact on the security industry, ensuring that no incident goes unnoticed, and every organization can respond effectively to any threat.”

About Volt AI

Volt AI is real-time video intelligence designed for security teams who never want to miss an incident again. Unlike other solutions that focus on individual camera analytics, Volt unifies your existing systems, allowing for visual tracking of people and objects across various locations on an intuitive 3D map. Volt provides one-click access to critical information, streamlining the incident management process and transforming weeks of work into instant, actionable insights.

Founded by veterans from the U.S. Military and the Department of Defense as well as tech giants such as Alphabet, Meta, Amazon, Apple, and Uber, Volt AI brings together a unique perspective and stands as a transformative force in the security and incident management landscape.

For more information, please visit volt.ai.

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