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Track and Trace Provider Dominates Dispenser Industry

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Key Benefits for Pharmacies

InfiniTrak captures 85% share of industry’s pharmacy management system (PMS) market.

InfiniTrak’s FASTRAK Onboarding and No-Touch Implementation have allowed the company to become the industry leader for dispensers.”
— Mark Tate, Chief Compliance Officer

TOLEDO, OHIO, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — InfiniTrak is quickly becoming the name to know in today’s dispensary industry. The track and trace supplier has captured an 85% share of the pharmacy management system (PMS) market.

InfiniTrak is known for its dependable and comprehensive SaaS software. Real-time data analytics and reporting capabilities make it a user-friendly platform and provide customer customization and flexible real-time alerts. Features that were once hard to come by are now commonplace for InfiniTrak’s pharmacy and hospital dispensary users.

“Penetrating and capturing the dominant share of the dispensary market was not that difficult,” said Alan B. Lancz, CEO of InfiniTrak. “All it took was a dependable product that delivered what it said it would –an innovative pharmacy solution to keep up with market demands and user needs.”
Mr. Lancz added InfiniTrak’s superior technology and team of compliance and operations experts made the company stand out.

InfiniTrak Already Had the Product

InfiniTrak was one of the original developers of track and trace technology. The company consistently advanced its software over the years with features and capabilities that are now industry standards. Those efforts have also spawned other track and trace technology suppliers over the years.

“While others concentrated on the more lucrative top end of the supply chain, we focused on the dispenser side, including the pharmacies and other outlets at the end of the supply chain,” said InfiniTrak Co-Founder and Chief Compliance Officer Mark Tate. “InfiniTrak created an easy-to-use, fully compliant interoperable solution that’s dispenser centric. Dispensers can fully integrate InfiniTrak into their pharmacy management system for an automated solution that eliminates extra steps. DSCSA requirements are completed automatically in the pharmacist’s normal daily workflow.”

“InfiniTrak’s FASTRAK Onboarding and No-Touch Implementation have allowed the company to become the industry leader for dispensers. That could not have come at a better time for the pharmaceutical industry, as there is a real need for pharmacies to be fully compliant,” Mr. Tate said.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

InfiniTrak has now captured an 85% share of the industry’s PMS market. Annual growth has increased by more than 43% year-to-date. That includes 554 independent pharmacies that licensed the industry-leading solution last month. The total does not include the hospitals, healthcare organizations and medium to large pharmacy chains that have also switched to InfiniTrak.

“We have the dispenser’s back,” said Sam Pizzo, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances. “The DSCSA regulatory mandate involves several moving parts, which is a challenge for dispensers to maintain. The InfiniTrak DSCSA solution removes the guesswork and ensures dispensers have the tools needed to manage compliance efficiently.”

Thanks to its cutting-edge advances in pharmaceutical data management, cloud computing, data analytics and innovations in AI, InfiniTrak makes dispensary management and DSCSA compliance easier. Learn why Retail Chains of the Year, Retail Tech Innovator of the Year and other industry leaders are switching to InfiniTrak to address their compliance, functionality and automation needs beyond DSCSA.

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