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Tovie AI Unveils Data Agent: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Data Search Solution

Tovie AI Data Agent

Tovie AI, a conversational AI solutions provider, unveils Data Agent – a pioneering tool set to redefine how businesses utilise their data collections.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tovie AI, a leading provider of innovative AI technologies, announced the launch of Data Agent, a groundbreaking solution designed to transform how enterprises and SMBs leverage their datasets. Data Agent introduces a powerful AI data search bot, empowering companies to maximise the potential of generative AI within their internal and external data sources.

Created to enhance data accessibility and utilisation across industries, Data Agent allows organisations to deploy their custom generative AI search assistant. This virtual agent, akin to a bespoke version of popular platforms like ChatGPT but meticulously tailored to a company’s specific data, can provide factual, context-driven answers from various sources, including knowledge bases, internal wikis, and product documentation. It can efficiently handle queries from employees and clients, responding in natural language.

Personalised Data Interaction at its Core

The launch of Data Agent marks a significant milestone for businesses grappling with extensive data volumes. The solution offers a no-code setup, multilingual support, and seamless integration across data types and sources, making it a versatile tool for any organisation. Data Agent’s main benefits include generating personalised, contextually accurate responses, real-time data access for quicker decision-making, and solving common data retrieval challenges within an organisation.

Democratising Data Across Industries

Data Agent democratises data by enabling employees at all skill levels to access and retrieve information without technical barriers, significantly saving time and effort. Moreover, it promises an enhanced customer data search experience and effortless integration with various data sources without any coding requirement.

“Our goal with Data Agent is to empower companies to fully harness the potentials of LLMs for their customers and employees,” said Joshua Kaiser, CEO at Tovie AI. “We believe that the strategic application of technologies like Data Agent can redefine productivity and operational efficiency within any industry.”

Security and Customisation at Forefront

Acknowledging the paramount importance of data security, Data Agent comes equipped with comprehensive security measures to protect sensitive information. Features include restricted access for approved employees, sensitive data masking, and the option for on-premise LLM deployment to comply with strict GDPR.

About Tovie AI

Tovie AI helps businesses to grow by developing marketable conversational AI solutions and flexible tools for natural language processing, speech synthesis, and dialogue management. Solutions include conversational AI agents tailored to business cases across industry verticals like Telecom, Financial Services and Oil & Gas, made available across various devices and channels. Tovie AI understands the importance of emerging tech like AI 2.0, ChatGPT, LLM and Generative AI and invests heavily in research to harness their power for businesses and customers.

To learn more about Data Agent and how it can benefit your business, visit Tovie AI’s website.

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