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TikTok’s ‘Old Money’ Guru Kiki Astor Unveils “Pink Palazzo” – A Steamy Romance Set in Glamorous Palm Beach

TikTok’s ‘Old Money’ Guru Kiki Astor Unveils “Pink Palazzo” – A Steamy Romance Set in Glamorous Palm Beach

Meet Kiki Astor, the captivating author behind the sizzling debut novel, “Pink Palazzo.”

Kiki Astor’s new book titled, “Pink Palazzo” now available for purchase at leading bookstores nationwide

Bestselling author Kiki Astor unveils “Pink Palazzo,” a captivating romantic mystery set in Palm Beach, blending love, intrigue, and self-discovery.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned romance author Kiki Astor invites readers on yet another journey of love, intrigue, and self-discovery with her latest release, “Pink Palazzo.” Astor, known for her tantalizing tales of passion and scandal, brings the storied island of Palm Beach to life in this sizzling romantic mystery.

In the book, readers will meet Penny Wells, a self-designated architectural historian and etiquette coach to spoiled children. Despite the rumored inheritance she’s slated to receive from her grandmother, a larger-than-life character, a Palm Beach grande dame both loved and feared, Penny struggles to make ends meet, and resents being seen as a spoiled trust fund baby. Besides, Penny doesn’t want Grandmama to die- she’s the only family she has, and her iconic pink Venetian-style mansion at the end of Worth Avenue, known as Palazzo Leoni, is the only place she can call home.

But her grandmother does die, and Penny is forced to return to Palm Beach to settle her affairs, and presumably, to inherit her estate, including Palazzo Leoni.

But of course, things are rarely as they seem, and it turns out that the mansion was built on dark secrets, rotten to the core, and crumbling around her, just like Penny’s life seems to be. To make matters worse, there’s another mysterious trustee in the will, and now it turns out that Grandmama’s romantic, and perhaps exaggerated, tales of her glory days in Palm Beach were hiding a rather significant lie.

In the midst of her unraveling identity, Penny needs a distraction, and lo and behold, it appears, in the very sexy form of William, the handsome handyman for the apartment building where she’s staying until she can figure out her life. Penny is instantly drawn to William, but he seems to be struggling with his own desires, leaving Penny suffering from emotional whiplash, feeling jealous and confused.

Penny had sworn off relationships, but for William, even though he’s not her usual type, she would be willing to change her mind- if only he wanted her.

Will the hot handyman be Penny’s knight in shining armor or her ultimate undoing? And is he really who he says he is?

‘Pink Palazzo’ is a steamy romantic mystery with themes of mistaken identity, forbidden love, and jealousy. This is a must-read for fans of emotional romance looking for a sophisticated, fun beach read.

About Kiki Astor:

Kiki Astor is a bestselling author known for her steamy romances set in the world’s most opulent locales. With a knack for blending passion, scandal, and high society, Astor has quickly become a go-to author for readers seeking a luxurious escape. With her vibrant storytelling and relatable characters, Astor continues to captivate audiences around the world.

When she’s not writing, Astor can be found sharing insights into the high life and old money etiquette as everyone’s favorite Auntie Kiki on TikTok.

“Pink Palazzo” is now available for purchase at leading bookstores nationwide. For more information about Kiki Astor and her latest release, visit http://www.kikiastor.com.

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