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TechRepublic Names Best Cities for Remote Tech Workers in 2024

TechRepublic scoured public data to assess the top cities for remote tech workers.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, March 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Remote technology workers looking to stretch their salaries or improve their lifestyles should take a serious look at the City of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia topped TechRepublic’s first annual Best Cities for Remote Tech Workers list.

Other metropolitan areas earning spots in TechRepublic’s Top 10 include Milwaukee, WI, Houston, TX, and Charlotte, NC. While TechRepublic examined more than 1,500 data points in dozens of categories, no single factor stood out as a key differentiator among the cities on the list, according to TechRepublic’s Maria Carissa Sanchez.

“This was one of the most ambitious studies we’ve undertaken at TechRepublic, and going in we didn’t know what we would find,” said Sanchez, who led the study. “We weren’t disappointed. While there were some ‘usual suspects’ on the list, others were quite surprising.”

Pittsburgh, PA was one such city, which ranked an impressive third on the list. The top factors in Pittsburgh’s favor were affordability and quality of life. Similarly, Orlando, FL secured the tenth spot on TechRepublic’s list due to quality of life and affordability.

During the study, quality of life became one leading indicator for cities in the top ten. Parks, leisure activities, and outdoor recreation opportunities are popular among tech workers, and Sanchez said the cities in the top ten offer all of these.

“Before we plugged in the first piece of data, we thought about the kinds of things a technology worker is looking for in a hometown,” Sanchez said. “It’s about so much more than just the cost of groceries or how much they’ll spend on a house. While living expenses are an important consideration, safety and economic opportunities also weighed heavily into our assessment.”

For the study, TechRepublic identified 60 key Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) to find the top ten. The metropolitan areas earning highest marks were:
1. Philadelphia, PA
2. Milwaukee, WI
3. Pittsburgh, PA
4. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
5. Chicago, IL
6. Houston, TX
7. Richmond, VA
8. Charlotte, NC
9. Atlanta, GA
10. Orlando, LF

Sanchez noted the diversity of traits of the cities making the list. Cities varied widely in terms of population, geographic location, and primary industries.

“Our goal wasn’t to find the top ‘tech’ cities for remote workers but, instead, to give these professionals food for thought,” Sanchez said. “By looking past traditional technology centers, we were able to point them towards communities where they could enjoy a higher quality of life, where their salaries might go further, or where they can have room to grow both their families and their careers.”

In addition to singling out the best cities for remote tech workers, TechRepublic identified the five worst cities. Metro areas missing the cut were, in descending order:
56. Fayetteville, AR
57. Poughkeepsie, NY
58. Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL
59. Sarasota, FL
60. Oxnard-Ventura, CA

Unlike the best cities, the worst communities for technology workers had a lot in common. Particularly, four of the bottom five ranked near the lowest in cost of living.

“With the exception of Fayetteville, the worst cities for tech workers are all very expensive,” Sanchez said. “Housing costs, cost-of-living, and various taxes make these communities challenging to live in.”

For a detailed examination of the best and worst cities for remote tech workers, as well as a complete list of the data examined, visit TechRepublic.com.

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