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Simulocity Announces New Virtual Conference Center for Escient Pharmaceuticals

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Simulocity, a leading provider of innovative business solutions, is pleased to announce that they will be introducing a new technology as part of their partnership with Escient Pharmaceuticals, a renowned pharmaceutical company. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organizations in pursuing excellence and technological advancement in the business and pharmaceutical sectors.

Simulocity will provide Escient with an immersive Virtual Conference Center (VCC) technology that connects clinicians and medical researchers in a centralized community. By using Simulocity’s virtual platform capabilities, Escient researchers can avoid the limitations of traditional communication platforms. They will be able to conduct interactive meetings year-round, enhancing research proficiencies and maximizing the dissemination of medical findings.

Simulocity specializes in leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modeling and digital platforms to enhance business efficiency, connect multi-audience networks, and drive return on investment (ROI). With a strong focus on delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs and challenges of over 2,100+ clients, Simulocity has established itself as a trusted partner across a myriad of industries.

Escient Pharmaceuticals, known for its commitment to pioneering research and development in neurosensory and immune systems treatment medicine, recognizes the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements. By partnering with Simulocity, Escient aims to harness the power of innovative business solutions to streamline its operations further, optimize processes, and ultimately enhance its ability to deliver life-changing medicines to patients across the United States.

“We are thrilled to enter into this strategic partnership with Escient Pharmaceuticals,” said Dr. Manny Dominguez, CEO of Simulocity. “By combining our expertise in immersive and interactive technology solutions with Escient’s deep, unique knowledge in target therapeutics for neurosensory-inflammatory disorders, we are confident that together we can drive transformative change and create a lasting impact for patients dealing with underserved disorders that lack sufficient, or even existent, treatment within currently accessible patient care.”

The collaboration between Simulocity and Escient is expected to drive significant advancements in research proficiency, process optimization, and overall operational excellence. The mutual goal of this partnership is to leverage technology to accelerate growth, enhance collaboration and success in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.

For more information about Simulocity and its range of innovative business solutions, please visit https://simulocity.us/ or call 1-800-SIM-TEAM.

About Simulocity.
Located in Orlando, Florida, Simulocity is a technology solutions firm comprised of top innovators with decades of proven results in delivering innovative and ground-breaking technologies around the globe. Simulocity develops customized simulation technologies for healthcare, education, training, and events management.

Their expertise is in integrating & innovating leading-edge technologies to cater to any industry for an all-in-one optimal solution. Digital products incorporate virtual platforms, virtual reality, educational gamification, and business intelligence managed by Simulocity’s expert project management.
Simulocity is the recipient of numerous awards, including Healthcare Tech Outlook’s – Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers, CIO Applications’ –
Top 10 Simulation Solution Providers, and CIO Review’s – 20 Most Promising Gamification Technology Solution Providers.

About Escient Pharmaceuticals.
Escient Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage company developing a pipeline of first-in-class, oral therapeutics targeting novel pathways along the neurosensory-inflammatory axis. Escient product candidates are designed to address a broad range of disorders involving neurogenic inflammation – including chronic urticaria (hives), atopic dermatitis, and asthma – as well as severe forms of pruritus (chronic itchy skin). With a focus on innovation and patient well-being, Escient Pharmaceuticals strives to positively impact global healthcare.

To learn more about Escient Pharmaceuticals, visit: https://www.escientpharma.com/.

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