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SecurityBridge Unveils Platform Version 6.26: A Singular Solution For SAP Security Across On-Prem And Cloud

SecurityBridge’s Version 6.26’s Automated Patch Management Enhancements In Action

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — SecurityBridge, a leading global provider of SAP security solutions, today announced the release of SecurityBridge Platform version 6.26. This latest addition introduces a suite of advanced features to fortify SAP environments and address global enterprises’ evolving security needs.

SecurityBridge Platform version 6.26 heralds a unified SAP security management platform uniquely positioned to orchestrate all SAP security solutions across various environments with simplicity and effectiveness. Key features and enhancements include:

*SAP BTP Security – Enhanced capabilities ensure robust security within SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) environments, safeguarding against emerging threats.

*Automated SAP Patch Management – Building on its guided procedure, the platform now automates the implementation of SAP patches where applicable, significantly boosting efficiency.

*SAP Concur Monitoring – The introduction of security monitoring for SAP Concur extends the platform’s oversight into critical expense management systems.

*Integration Excellence – The platform enhances its interoperability with other SAP security solutions for custom code analysis and security monitoring through native integrations with IT service management systems like ServiceNow and standardized REST APIs.

*Advanced Anomaly Detection – The platform leverages self-learning algorithms for anomaly detection by analyzing user activities, business function profiles, and more to enhance threat identification.

SecurityBridge Platform version 6.26 is the only solution offering comprehensive coverage of SAP security across the entire SAP application landscape. Its unique approach to automated SAP patch implementation and the broadest security monitoring coverage for SAP BTP distinguish it from competitors.

“In an era where the complexity of SAP environments is ever-increasing, the new SecurityBridge Platform version emerges as the beacon of innovation, offering unmatched efficiency and comprehensive security solutions,” said Holger Hügel, Product Management Director, SecurityBridge. “Our enhanced platform not only adapts to the current market trends but sets a new precedent for SAP security management, reinforcing our commitment to pioneering solutions that protect our clients’ most valuable assets.”

The new platform enhancements are anticipated to ship on April 1st, 2024. They feature a new, more flexible pricing model to accommodate the diverse needs of SecurityBridge’s clientele.

About SecurityBridge, Inc.
SecurityBridge is an SAP Security Platform provider developing tools to extend the SAP ecosystem. The company takes a radically different approach to traditional security solutions, believing SAP applications and custom code will be infiltrated no matter how diligently security hygiene is applied. In response to this belief, SecurityBridge created its integrated real-time solution for constant monitoring. Powered by anomaly detection, the SecurityBridge platform can differentiate between accurate results and false positives so that security teams can better focus on real issues. For details, please visit securitybridge.com.

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