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Proxidize — Helps to Take Proxy Solutions to a Whole New Level


Proxidize introduces an innovative solution for building and managing on-premise mobile proxy networks.

Our mission is deeply rooted in the belief that data should be within everyone’s reach. We’re guided by the principle of democratizing data, making it not just available, but truly accessible to all”
— Abdallah Abul-Ezz, CEO

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Proxidize is pioneering an entirely new way of providing proxy solutions to businesses around the world. With its innovative technology and competitive pricing, Proxidize is shaking up the proxy industry in a big way. In harnessing the power of mobile proxy technology, it offers a unique and integrated system of both hardware and software solutions for businesses of all sizes to run a controlled in-house network.

Its innovative technology is the perfect solution for those who need reliable and secure access to websites from anywhere in the world without being blocked or traced. Its hardware-software integration ensures that users can easily switch between different proxies when needed, allowing them to take advantage of different IP addresses with different customization features, ensuring companies have access to all the data they need.

Key Features of Proxidize:

• Mobile Proxy Technology – Proxidize is a prominent mobile proxy solutions provider that provides high-quality network services to businesses.

• On-premise Proxy Networks — It enables businesses to build and manage their own mobile proxy network from their own premises.

• Hardware & Software Integration — Proxidize’s network architecture consists of hardware that includes proxy servers, modems, and USB hubs, as well as an integrated software solution to manage and control the proxies’ features and configurations.

• Scalability – Proxidize offers a scalability option for businesses, allowing them to expand their network as their needs grow. With the ability to add more proxies or customize existing ones, the proxy solution can easily keep up with the business’s growing needs.

• High-Performance Network – When it comes to performance, Proxidize delivers on all fronts. Its network is designed to offer a secure and fast connection, making it the perfect solution for businesses with high bandwidth needs and large-scale network requests.

The Bright Future of Proxidize

With its cutting-edge technology, Proxidize is set to become a major player in the proxy market. As more businesses look for cost-effective, high-performing, and controlled environments for their network needs, Proxidize is in an ideal position to provide them with the reliable and secure connection they require. Not only that, but the company’s in-house team of engineers is always on hand to offer their expertise and advice when it comes to setting up and managing a proxy network.

With that in mind, Proxidize’s future looks big with its upcoming plans to instill new features in its proxy solutions. As it continues to innovate and improve upon its current offering, Proxidize is sure to become a leader in the proxy market for years to come.


Proxidize is revolutionizing the proxy industry with its innovative mobile proxy technology and hardware-software integration solutions. With its scalability, high-performance network, and on-premise services, Proxidize is an ideal choice for businesses looking for a cost-effective and secure connection from anywhere in the world. With its team of experienced engineers always on hand to offer their expertise, Proxidize is set to become a major player in the proxy market.

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