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Predisys Sets New Standards with Injection Molding Edition of Predisys Analytical Suite™


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Discover Predisys Analytical Suite™: a game-changer in injection molding quality control and efficiency.

Predisys recognized the demand for a tailored SPC tool for injection molding. Customized solutions ensure maximum benefit in diverse manufacturing processes”
— Robert Fink

ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Predisys Announces Launch of the Predisys Analytical Suite™ Injection Molding Edition

Predisys is proud to announce its launch of the Predisys Analytical Suite™ for Manufacturing, Injection Molding Edition. Predisys has been at the forefront of SPC and quality data analytics for decades, and one of our biggest differentiators is that we offer a single tenant application, that is configurable to multiple unique manufacturing processes. Manufacturing is not an apple to apples comparison across sectors, and therefore we believe that consumers of SPC and quality analytics applications should be presented with options specific to their needs. Not only does this make the application more marketable, but more importantly this approach ensures the maximum amount of benefit derivation by the end client. At the end of the day, it is our customer’s success with our application that is most important to the success of our organization.

Historically, traditional SPC has not been viewed as a critical tool for the injection molding manufacturing process. This is due to the complexity of the process from a variability perspective. The process of injection molding and its ultimate success or failure is one that is influenced by a series of variables such as injection speed, plastic pressure, plastic temperature, cooling temperature and time.

The reason that traditional SPC has not been viewed as a fit in this sector is that SPC in its most conventional form utilizes univariate reporting and charts, and it can be challenging for users to understand the influence and performance of multiple process inputs simultaneously. For a SPC application to add value for this complex manufacturing process it must be able to provide multivariate analysis and allow for users to chart and understand the variation of multiple processes and potential correlations simultaneously.

To call the Predisys Analytical Suite™ an SPC application is true but falls far from describing its complete benefit. The tool combines traditional SPC along with quality data analytics, inclusive of multivariate analysis, predictive analytics, and standard charts and reports out of the box.

We believe the injection molding space has been underserved from an availability of quality applications that are targeted for their unique needs. It was for this reason, along with our current success in the medical device manufacturing space, that includes a large degree of injection molding that led us to target injection molding as our next manufacturing process to launch a configured application for.

We have seen the ability of our application to drive significant benefit in other manufacturing verticals and are excited to offer this platform to the injection molding sector. Our unique application is one that can dramatically reduce scrap and rework, optimize efficiency, and allow for our customers to analyze large volumes of production data in real-time.

For those interested in the application, we invite you to watch the demo video below, and reach out to us at info@predisys.com to schedule a follow up call to learn more.

Additionally stay tuned for further releases in the plastics processing manufacturing space for processes such as extrusion, CNC machining, rotational molding, blow molding and others.

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