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PPDM Announces Keynote Lineup for ‘The Houston Convention’ – An Exploration into the Currency of Sustainability

The Houston Convention I An Exploration into the Currency of Sustainability

The Global Data Energy Professionals’ Upcoming Annual Conference Features Data and Sustainability Executives from Microsoft, Worley, PwC, Petronas, and AWS

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, April 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The PPDM Association (PPDM) – The Global Data Energy Professionals, is pleased to announce the distinguished keynote lineup for the highly anticipated ‘The Houston Convention’ – An Exploration into the Currency of Sustainability’.

Set to take place at the Norris Conference Center in Houston City Center on June 11th and 12th, 2024, The Houston Convention will convene the world’s most prominent leaders in technology, energy, and finance to examine the role of data intelligence in empowering the global energy transition. Featuring a rich, dynamic, and comprehensive program of both thought leadership and technical content, this year’s event will feature keynote presentations from:

• Kumar Chinnakali, Chief Architect of Resources and Energy Transition at Capgemini
• Trudy Curtis, CEO of PPDM
• Laura Edell, Chief Data Scientist, AI Markets and Innovation at Microsoft
• Phil Fersht, CEO of HFS Global
• Summer Husband, SVP of Data and Applied Intelligence at Worley
• Reid Morrison, Global ESG Leader for Energy, Utilities, and Resources at PwC
• Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Chief AI Officer at Reignite Future, and former Chief Data Scientist at Halliburton
• Mitchell Tooney, Vice President of Sustainability and Responsible Care at the American Chemistry Council
• Bill Whitelaw, Managing Director of Strategy and Sustainability at geoLOGIC
• Monika J. Wilczak, Executive Advisor, Independent Consultant to the US Department of Energy (DOE), former Managing Director, Artificial Intelligence,
EY Consulting at EY
• Brent Wilke, Chief Data Officer at US FirstBank
• Xiaochen Zhang, Executive Director of AI 2030 and former Global Head of Innovation at Amazon Web Services

“The potential for Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the energy sector is immense, promising not only to enhance operational efficiency and foster the integration of renewable resources, but also to redefine how energy companies approach sustainability and customer service,” commented Xiaochen Zhang, Keynote Speaker, Executive Director of AI 2030 and former Head of Innovation and G2M at Amazon Web Services.

“Adopting responsible AI practices is paramount for realizing these benefits. It entails navigating through the myriad risks associated with AI deployment, especially at the data level, where issues such as bias and privacy can undermine the integrity and effectiveness of AI systems. For the energy sector, addressing these challenges head-on is essential for harnessing AI’s potential in a manner that is both ethical and beneficial for society at large. In this context, the role of AI 2030 and its Responsible AI Pledge becomes indispensable, offering a structured pathway towards responsible AI adoption.”

Mr. Xiaochen continued, “The Houston Convention serves as a critical enabler in this journey, facilitating consensus and driving action within the energy sector. Through dialogue and collaboration at the Houston Convention, I aim to contribute to a consensus-driven, action-oriented approach leveraging our Responsible AI Pledge program to AI adoption, ensuring the energy sector not only benefits from AI’s technological advancements but also commits to responsible principles and the sustainable future of the industry.”

Concluded Phil Ferscht, CEO of HFS Research, and Roundtable Moderator, “It is critical for energy leaders to define their roadmaps for ethical and responsible AI, and I am thrilled to address the Houston Convention to help them thrive in these disruptive times.”

Registration to the inaugural edition of The Houston Convention is now open. For additional information about speaking and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Robert Brennan Hart, Chief Communications Officer of PPDM, at hartr@ppdm.org.

The 2024 edition of The Houston Convention is sponsored by geoLOGIC, HFS Research, Snowflake, and Katalyst Data Management.

About PPDM Association – The Global Data Energy Professionals

The PPDM Association is the global, not-for-profit society within the energy industry that provides leadership for the professionalization of energy data excellence through the development and dissemination of best practices and standards, education programs, certification programs and professional development opportunities. PPDM represents and supports the needs of energy companies, regulators, software vendors, data vendors, consulting companies, and data professionals around the globe.

Through the PPDM Association the global community of energy data practitioners works collectively to develop standards, best practices and other data resources that are leveraged by resilient, qualified data professionals to enable data capability in an evolving energy industry.

For additional information about the PPDM Association or The Houston Convention, please visit www.ppdm.org.

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