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OpenSign™ Emerges as a Leading Open Source digital Signature Solution

OpenSign, a new open-source document e-signing solution, has been launched by OpenSignLabs. It aims to offer a free & open source alternative to Docusign.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a significant development in digital transaction security, OpenSign™ has been introduced to the market. This open-source project is anticipated to set new standards in digital signatures, serving a wide range of users from individual freelancers to large-scale corporations. It has emerged as the only free and open source alternative to DocuSign.

The creation of OpenSign™ reflects the growing trend towards community-driven software development, which prioritizes reliability and continuous innovation in digital signature technology. The platform is available free of charge, emphasizing the importance of privacy and security in online transactions.

OpenSign™ is the result of a concerted effort to promote collaborative technological advancement. The platform benefits from worldwide contributions, which not only enhance its functionality and innovation but also contribute to a vibrant community of developers and users dedicated to digital independence.

Key Features of OpenSign™:

– Enhanced Security: OpenSign™ employs advanced cryptographic protocols to ensure that digital signatures are both verifiable and legally enforceable in various jurisdictions.
– Universal Accessibility: The platform is designed for a broad spectrum of users, offering an intuitive experience regardless of the user’s technical expertise.
– Independent Operation: OpenSign™ allows users to operate independently of third-party software, providing unparalleled transparency and control over digital signing processes.
– Community Support: A comprehensive support network exists across multiple platforms including GitHub, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, ensuring a sustainable and collaborative ecosystem.

OpenSign™ functions as a React, NodeJS, and Mongo application, which can be deployed using Docker or as a hosted service. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, offering a legally compliant mechanism for signing PDF documents. Detailed information on deployment and integration is accessible on the OpenSign™ website and GitHub repository.

Advanced Functionalities:
– Enhanced PDF E-Signing
– Advanced Document Annotation
– One-Click Signature Convenience
– Multi-Signer and Witness Support
– OTP Verification for Guest Signers
– Customizable Email Templates
– PDF Template Storage
– Document Security with OpenSign™ Drive
– Comprehensive Audit Trails & Completion Certificates
– Future-Ready API and Integration Support

OpenSign™ is not just a product; it represents a commitment to fostering a global community that values the principles of open-source software. The OpenSign™ team encourages community participation in feature suggestions, issue reporting, and feedback, aiming to establish the platform as a premier document signing solution.

About OpenSign™:
OpenSign™ is an innovative open-source digital signature platform designed to enhance security and efficiency in digital signing processes. It stands as a testament to the potential of collaborative technology, committed to the ethos of open-source development.

For further information and to join the OpenSign™ community, visit the official website at the official OpenSign website and follow the project on official Github repo of OpenSign.

Alex Perry
OpenSign Labs


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