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NxGenComm at Project Convergence Capstone 2024: Showcases 5G enabled M5NS advanced software defined platform (SDP)

Cutting edge SWAP can support multiple waveforms including 5G

MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — NxGenComm’s participation in Project Convergence Capstone 2024 at Camp Pendleton, CA, marks a significant milestone in its endeavors. Through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Joint Staff (J6), NxGenComm has demonstrated its M5NS Software Defined Platform (SDP). The platform showcases native 5G connectivity within a low SWAP (Size, Weight, and Power) framework, catering to various armed services stakeholders.

Key highlights of NxGenComm’s M5NS SDP include:

Native 5G Connectivity: The platform boasts native 5G connectivity, addressing the evolving needs of modern communication requirements.

Multipurpose Platform: NxGenComm’s M5NS SDP can support not only 5G but also additional waveforms, including commercial and DoD standards, all within a single power-efficient platform.

Roadmap for Expansion: The company’s roadmap encompasses the integration of 4G, DoD waveforms, and RF environment sensing, further enhancing its capabilities and relevance in the evolving landscape of communication technologies.

Interoperability and Integration: A significant achievement of the M5NS platform during the Capstone event was its successful integration with the local J6 network. Moreover, it interoperated seamlessly with a diverse range of other communication technologies, including Starlink, Viasat, and MANET systems. This interoperability underscores the versatility and adaptability of NxGenComm’s technology.

By participating in Project Convergence Capstone 2024 and showcasing the capabilities of its M5NS SDP, NxGenComm has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and collaboration within the defense and communication sectors. The successful integration and interoperability achieved during the event further validate the efficacy and potential of NxGenComm’s technology in addressing the complex and dynamic communication needs of military operations.

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