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Numem Strengthens Leadership Team with the Appointment of B. Nataraj as VP of Engineering, Memory Design & Architecture

SUNNYVALE, CA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Numem, the pioneering provider of Memory SOC IPs and Chip/Chiplets, is excited to announce the addition of a seasoned memory executive to its leadership team. This strategic appointment underscore Numem’s commitment to advancing memory SOC technologies and shaping the future of the AI industry in which memory latency and memory power are often the main bottlenecks.

B. Nataraj boasts an impressive 30-year career in high-speed digital, mixed-signal, and memory SOC products. His journey began as one of the early founding engineers at NetLogic, a company that achieved remarkable success, growing from zero revenue to over $400 million in sales, going IPO and then being acquired by Broadcom for $3.7 billion. Prior to joining Numem, Nataraj served as the CTO at Lynx AI, contributing to the development of AI models for accelerated product innovation.

“Coming to Numem is an exciting chance to contribute to the much needed new generation of memory SOCs required for memory intensive AI applications from Edge to Data Centers. AI is poised to revolutionize the semiconductor landscape, and, at the center of it, is the need for low power, low latency memory enabling rapid and power efficient data access” stated B. Nataraj. “No user wants to wait for results and, especially with AI CNN and LLM, processing is often heavily limited by the lack of memory data access. I am committed to driving Numem’s product adoption through cutting-edge engineering and proven design for high-volume manufacturing,” he added.

“Numem is excited to have Nataraj bring to Numem his wealth of expertise on Memory and AI System architecture and his successful track record. We are looking forward to his contributions to managing our product design,” said Jack Guedj, Numem CEO. “With our best-in-class memory, which is significantly smaller and lower power than SRAM, Numem is well positioned to capitalize on “AI everywhere” market trends from IoT Edge Nodes to Data Centers.”

About Numem
Numem, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is the leading provider of Memory and SOC Subsystem IPs and Chip/Chiplets based on proven foundry MRAM process. Numem’s patented NuRAM technology enables best in class power/performance and reliability with 2.5x smaller area and 85x lower leakage power than traditional SRAM. Numem’s SmartMem technology significantly improves performance and endurance as well as ease-of-use and reliability for high-volume deployment. Moreover, it has optional and customizable SOC Compute in Memory which enables to further reduce power or usable density. Numem SmartMem SOC Subsystem can also provide benefits with other MRAM, RRAM, PCRAM or Flash memories.

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