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myCobot Pro 630 – the Harmonic Drive Robotic Arm Ideal for Education and Commercial Applications

myCobot Pro 630


Robot Writing and Painting

Discover myCobot Pro 630: a pro robotic arm by Elephant Robotics, offering durability, precision, and versatility for education and commercial applications.

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG, CHINA, April 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Elephant Robotics, a beacon in the field of bionic and collaborative robots, proudly announces the release of the myCobot Pro 630, the upgraded version of myCobot Pro 600. As the latest addition to the esteemed myCobot Pro series, this upgraded robotic arm sets a new standard for precision and versatility to meet the evolving needs of educational and commercial applications.

Enhanced Durability and Precision

The myCobot Pro 630 features a new and improved design that extends its lifespan to an impressive 10,000 hours, 5 times longer than the previous model. This significant leap in durability ensures that the robot can handle long-term, repetitive tasks with minimal maintenance, making it an excellent investment for businesses and educational institutions.

The precision of the myCobot Pro 630 has also been upgraded, with a repeated positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm, allowing for high-precision operations that are critical in applications such as assembly, quality control, and more.

Expanded Reach and Versatility

With the expanded maximum working radius of 630mm, the myCobot Pro 630 can now reach further and cover a larger workspace. This enhancement makes it suitable for a broader range of tasks and environments, from intricate manufacturing processes to interactive educational demonstrations.

Advanced Software and Connectivity

The myCobot Pro 630 is equipped with a variety of control software options, including RoboFlow and myStudio Pro, which cater to different user needs and skill levels. The robot also supports multiple programming languages such as Python and C++, as well as simulation platforms like ROS1, ROS2, Gazebo, and Matlab, making it highly accessible for developers and researchers.

Connectivity has been improved with the addition of 2 RS485 ports, enabling the myCobot Pro 630 to interface with a wider range of devices and systems. This expanded connectivity, combined with support for WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB, ensures seamless integration into existing networks and infrastructures.

Comprehensive Accessory and Ecosystem

The myCobot Pro 630 is supported by a wide range of accessories designed to enhance its functionality. From adaptive grippers and suction cups to camera flange, these accessories allow the collaborative robot to be tailored to specific tasks and environments.

In addition to hardware and software support, Elephant Robotics also provides extensive documentation support, including product brochures, user manuals, and development resources, ensuring that users can maximize the potential of the myCobot Pro 630.

4 Major Application Scenarios
Elephant Robotics has crafted 4 major personalized robot application scenarios to cater to the unique needs of different industries.

3D Unstructured Visual Sorting
Integrates with advanced 3D vision technology, the myCobot Pro 630 accurately identifies and grasps randomly placed items, optimizing sorting efficiency and accuracy. It is a deal for logistics and warehousing industries, as it reduces labor costs and error rates.
2.5D Palletizing and Sorting
With a high-resolution 2D vision system, the myCobot Pro 630 swiftly identifies QR codes for precise item tracking and sorting. It’s a preferred robotic solution for education, retail, and logistics sectors, supporting visual recognition algorithms and hand-eye calibration learning, thereby improving logistics tracking efficiency and accuracy.
Robot Writing and Painting
Benefiting from the precise control and stability, the myCobot Pro 630 enables calligraphy and drawing, opening up new possibilities in art creation and education. It serves as a robotic tool for blending technology and art, offering a unique resource for art education.
AGV + Robotic Arm
Combining an AGV empowers the myCobot Pro 630 with autonomous mobility and multitasking capabilities. Whether in industrial automation, inspections, or service sectors, it offers efficient and reliable solutions for automated services, catering to diverse application needs.

A Lead of Cobot
myCobot Pro 630, with its full-harmonic-drive system and versatile applications, is not merely a tool but a catalyst for creativity and efficiency. It is a symbol of the evolving relationship between humans and technology, where collaboration leads to breakthroughs and new possibilities.

For more information on the myCobot Pro 630 and how it can transform your operations, visit https://www.elephantrobotics.com/en/mycobot-pro-630-en/ and explore the full range of features and accessories available.

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