Home » Lorenzo Davis Debut Self-Titled Album LORENZO DAVIS Launches with Lead Single “Estrella Fugaz“

Lorenzo Davis Debut Self-Titled Album LORENZO DAVIS Launches with Lead Single “Estrella Fugaz“

Lorenzo Davis Debut Self-Titled Album LORENZO DAVIS Launches with Lead Single “Estrella Fugaz“

Estrella Fugaz is a love song to anyone, it could be also self-dedicated, without labels, in love everything goes.

Lorenzo Davis serves as both the title of his debut album and the guiding force that has illuminated his artistic journey

“Estrella Fugaz” song shares authorship between Lorenzo Davis and Jonny Alvear, it’s an eclectic rhythm of Electrocumbia Sonidera Texmex this single it’s available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

Lorenzo chose Los Angeles, California, for the world debut of his single ‘Estrella Fugaz’ because of its vibrant Latino community, known for its love of Cumbia music and folk traditions deeply rooted in Latino heritage

The idea of making covers was like a tribute to great songs and great performers, music that has marked generations and also being able to embrace the audience with the nostalgia of beautiful times.

Estrella Fugaz, Promise to Conquer the charts with its electrifying sound of Electro Cumbia

I decided to focus fully on music because it is a desire that I have had since I was little, the first time I imagined the audience in front of me, I was 4 years old”
— Lorenzo Davis -singer

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES , March 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lorenzo Davis, whose first name is Alejandro, is much more than a talented Mexican artist. Hailing and raised in Mexicali, Baja California.

An artistic journey over 16 years finally the time comes to present my own project as a musical production. Lorenzo has stood out as an actor and under the spotlight all these years in numerous productions, but it was not until his participation in the successful musical production of “Grupo Mentiras”, where he acquired valuable experiences and delighted audiences throughout Mexico with his vocal talent.

This project and debut album, ‘Lorenzo Davis EP,’ feature fantastic musical covers paying tribute to the decades of his life – the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. With nostalgic nods to iconic songs and performers, alongside original tracks like the debut single ‘Estrella Fugaz,’ Lorenzo Davis anticipates singing and performing on large stages across the United States and his beloved country, Mexico.

The idea of “Estrella Fugaz” arises from surprise, the original idea was to write a song that gave voice to childhoods, a theme that related the innocence of the human being and the childhood of each one who lives for some in the background and for others who do not let it go, in the end it turned out to be a theme of love, an innocent song that can remind us of the first love, To the tickles we felt when we missed or met someone who brought us upside down.

“Shooting Star” ESTRELLA FUGAZ, is a theme of love for a couple, a father, a mother, I find it very interesting that a girl recently wrote to me to tell me that “Estrella Fugaz” reminds her of her beloved puppy and that she is now a star in the firmament, I love that it can have different connotations and meanings for everyone”. Lorenzo concludes.

He choose the musical covers with the great artist and music producer of the album, Jonny Alvear who has worked with one of the most iconic cumbia artist Margarita La Diosa de la Cumbia.

“Estrella Fugaz” song shares 50% authorship between Lorenzo Davis and Jonny Alvear to the rhythm of Electrocumbia Sonidera Texmex, entering the Grupero genre with confidence. Also this single got signed under The Warner Chappel Label from Warner Music and it’s available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora and Amazon.

Estrella Fugaz is inspired by the literary work, The Little Prince, a book that talks about innocence, dreams, respect for others, empathy, but above all self-love and generosity, to be great you also have to let others shine.

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