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Fluentus Disrupts Language Learning with AI-Powered Personalization and Gamification

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Fluentus Shakes Up EdTech: Language Learning Gets a Gamified, Rewarding Makeover

AJMER, RAJASTHAN, INDIA, March 31, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fluentus, a groundbreaking new language learning platform, today announced its mission to transform the EdTech landscape by making language acquisition engaging, personalized, and accessible to everyone. Fueled by gamification, AI-powered personalization, and the potential of blockchain technology, Fluentus aims to solve the challenges that hinder traditional language learning methods.

Addressing the Challenges of Traditional Language Learning

Fluentus was created in response to the limitations of traditional language learning, which often rely on rote memorization and lack engaging interaction. This approach can lead to learner frustration and demotivation.

“We saw a need to make language learning fun, effective, and stick with learners for the long term,” said Mohammad Rais Khatri, CEO of the Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation and co-founder of Fluentus. “With Fluentus, we’re creating the kind of experience that keeps learners coming back for more.”

The Fluentus Solution: A Unique Blend of Technology and Engagement

Fluentus offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to language learning:

Gamified Content: Interactive exercises, matching games, stories, and AI-powered chatbots turn learning into an enjoyable activity.
Personalized Learning Paths: AI adapts lessons to individual needs, skill levels, and learning styles.
Proven Learning Techniques: Spaced repetition and adaptive methods ensure long-term retention.
Detailed Progress Tracking: Metrics, rewards, and leaderboards keep learners motivated.
Focus on Grammar: Thorough explanations and targeted practice build strong foundations.

Blockchain for Incentivized Learning

Fluentus plans to harness blockchain technology to further enhance the learning experience:

Micropayments: Facilitate payments for peer tutoring, content creation, and rewards.
Fluentus Cryptocurrency: Introduce a platform-specific currency for added value.

Accessibility for All

Fluentus will offer a tiered subscription model and microtransactions, breaking down financial barriers for learners worldwide.

The Team: Experience and Vision

Fluentus is the brainchild of Mohammad Rais Khatri, CEO of the Salahuddin Ayyubi Foundation, and Muzahid Hussain, an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University. Their expertise in education, social impact, and business development drives the platform’s success.

Fluentus invites learners worldwide to join their language learning revolution. Visit the Fluentus website at fluentus.org for more information, to view the concept paper, and to be notified when the app is available for download.

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