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First AI employee in marketing enters job market, solving labor shortage crisis for companies

Digital Workforce with AI employees

Sarah the AI content marketeer

AI startup Typetone launches fully autonomous AI employee in marketing to solve labor shortage crisis for companies. Sarah is worlds first AI marketeer.

The future is work is here. Small companies finally have a fighting chance, growing their business with way less resources. An employee for the cost of an intern.”
— Sjoerd de Kreij

AMSTERDAM, NOORD HOLLAND, THE NETHERLANDS, March 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — First AI employee in marketing enters job market, solving labor shortage crisis for companies

Today marks the launch of the first digital AI employee, named Sarah: https://www.typetone.ai/digital-worker/sarah

Sarah has been appointed as a content marketer and will serve as a direct colleague who can be deployed to conceive, create, and execute end-to-end content strategies. The digital employee has been launched by AI startup Typetone. The startup’s goal is to provide support in solving labor shortages in the job market.

Sarah takes approximately ten minutes to create a content strategy for the upcoming three months. She can also execute the content strategy herself. She creates texts, finds accompanying images, and can autonomously publish the posts on channels such as social media platforms and newsletters.

“A digital content marketer primarily enables (small) businesses to gain visibility. For a few hundred dollar/euro per month, entrepreneurs can generate large volumes of external communication and compete against large corporations,” explains Sjoerd de Kreij, co-founder of Typetone. “An additional advantage is that this employee is never sick or goes on vacation, and thus is always available.”

Proactivity and quality: How does a digital employee work?
When an organization hires Sarah, all the knowledge about that organization is initially loaded into her system. As a result, all her texts adhere to the writing style that matches the organization. Additionally, Sarah is integrated with the relevant systems for her role. Finally, she is connected to various news sources, from which relevant news for the respective organization is filtered. This last aspect enables Sarah to proactively share new ideas with her human colleagues, for example, through Slack. This is also where the significant difference lies compared to existing AI systems such as chatbots and language models. Apart from being proactive, Sarah can independently complete tasks, such as publishing posts that she has written and scheduled, on social media channels.

The future of work: Feels like a part of your team
“We expect that digital employees will become part of every team within a year. Almost every company struggles with recruiting experienced personnel, and that will soon be resolved. These AI employees can start right away and chat and communicate with you like human colleagues. After Sarah, who has been designated as a content marketer, more digital employees with different roles will join us in the near future,” mentions De Kreij.

About Typetone
Typetone is an AI startup based in Amsterdam. The company was founded in 2022 by Sjoerd de Kreij and Sam Baud. They currently assist over 50,000 users. The startup’s focus is on establishing an AI staffing agency with exclusively digital employees.

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