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eMudhra easing digital signatures and enabling a Robust Trust ecosystem on the back of CA Kenya’s NPKI Forum Event

Arvind Srinivasan: Key note speaker at NPKI Forum event

emSigner Integrated with ICTA Digital Signature Certificates

eMudhra Enhances Digital Trust in Kenya with NPKI Forum Participation & Robust Security Solutions

NAIROBI, KENYA, March 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — eMudhra, a pioneering Electronic Certification Service Provider (E-CSP) licensed under CA Kenya, has affirmed its deep commitment to enhancing the Digital Trust and Signature ecosystem at the National Public Key Infrastructure (NPKI) Forum organized by Communications Authority of Kenya, held on March 19, 2024, in Kenya. The event, which convened leading figures and stakeholders in digital trust and security, provided a vibrant platform for discourse on the future of digital trust ecosystems and the critical role of E-CSPs.

As an increasing number of digital services are rolled out in Kenya, the need to ease the digital signature process, and build a Robust Foundation around Identity and Digital Trust has risen to prominence in Kenya. With several thousand services already live on a digital platform, and more buzz around Nationwide Digitization, Kenya is on the cusp of a Digital revolution with technology at the center of it.

“We are at a critical juncture in the evolution of digital trust,” stated Arvind Srinivasan, Executive Vice President, eMudhra. “We at eMudhra are working on building solutions ground-up from a deep-rooted understanding of the local landscape. In this endeavor, we intend to roll out seamless signing solutions for the Country over time and work with key stakeholders to ensure that we not only drive Digital efficiency, but do so with a sharp focus on Cybersecurity, which is starting to play a bigger role these days.”

The forum paved the way for advancement in the field of mutual trust and recognition between countries with the culmination of the African Union of Digital Trust bringing together several countries in Africa on a common platform to discuss the future of digital signatures, and how they are recognized between countries. Interestingly, the event also paved the way for greater collaboration between eMudhra and ICTA wherein eMudhra showcased how digital signatures issued from Kenya’s National PKI Systems could work seamlessly on eMudhra’s flagship Digital Signature Workflow platform, emSigner.

Dr. Vincent Ngundi, Ph.D., Cybersecurity Acting Director and Head of The National KE-CIRT/CC at the Communications Authority of Kenya, emphasized the importance of collaboration in enhancing digital trust. “The journey towards a secure and trusted digital ecosystem is complex and requires the concerted effort of all stakeholders, including E-CSPs like eMudhra. Together, we can overcome the challenges of digital transformation and establish a robust infrastructure for digital trust in Kenya and beyond.”

eMudhra’s active participation in the NPKI Forum underscores its dedication to advancing digital trust and security globally. The company’s innovative approach and commitment to excellence in digital certification are pivotal in shaping a secure and inclusive future for digital economies, particularly in Africa.

As Kenya continues to fast-track its digital transformation agenda, eMudhra stands as a key ally in fostering digital trust and ensuring success of the national PKI ecosystem. The insights and discussions from this year’s NPKI Forum highlight the collective ambition to secure digital interactions and build a trustworthy digital future for all.

About eMudhra

eMudhra is a prominent player in the global digital security and identity management space, recognized for its comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at enhancing digital trust. As a pioneering Electronic Certification Service Provider (E-CSP), the company’s portfolio extends beyond electronic certification to encompass a broad spectrum of digital security and transaction management services. Here’s a detailed overview of what eMudhra offers:

Digital Certificate Solutions

eMudhra is best known for its digital certificate solutions, including SSL/TLS certificates for website security, digital signing certificates for individuals and organizations, and encryption certificates for securing email communications and sensitive data. These certificates form the backbone of secure digital interactions by enabling authentication, data integrity, and encryption.

Digital Signature Solutions

The company provides advanced digital signature solutions tailored to various industry needs, facilitating legally binding electronic signatures that streamline and secure business processes. eMudhra’s digital signature solutions cater to government, banking, healthcare, and many other sectors, supporting compliance with local and international digital signature laws and standards.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

At the heart of eMudhra’s offerings is its robust Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services, which are essential for the creation, management, distribution, use, storage, and revocation of digital certificates. PKI forms the foundation for secure electronic transactions and communications over the internet, enabling a secure and trustworthy digital ecosystem.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

eMudhra’s IAM solutions offer businesses the tools they need to manage digital identities effectively, ensuring that the right individuals have access to the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons. These solutions include multi-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and identity governance, which are critical for securing sensitive data and applications.

Secure Email Solutions

Understanding the importance of secure communications, eMudhra offers encrypted email solutions that protect sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized parties. These solutions are particularly vital for industries where confidentiality and data protection are paramount.

Regulatory and Compliance Solutions

With an eye on the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, eMudhra provides solutions designed to help organizations comply with local and international standards related to digital transactions, data protection, and privacy. These solutions cover GDPR, eIDAS, HIPAA, and more, ensuring that businesses can navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance with ease.

Research and Development

eMudhra places a strong emphasis on innovation, with a dedicated research and development team focused on exploring new technologies and methodologies including Post Quantum Cryptographic algorithms to address emerging challenges in digital security and identity management. This proactive approach ensures that eMudhra’s offerings remain at the cutting edge of technology, providing effective solutions in a rapidly changing digital environment.

Global Reach

With a presence in multiple countries, eMudhra’s global footprint allows it to serve a diverse clientele, including governments, enterprises, and consumers worldwide. The company’s international strategy focuses on adapting its solutions to meet the specific needs and regulatory requirements of different regions, ensuring a secure digital future on a global scale.

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