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C Squared Fund Bets the Farm on Computational Technologies

The Computational Technologies in the Fund’s Patent Portfolio Today are Essential to Nearly Every Vertical, From Industrial Automation to Structured PE Funds

You can’t model today’s complex systems without certain core computational technologies”
— Kevin Howard

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, April 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Twenty years ago, C Squared Funds (https://www.csquaredfund.com) did the math on computational technologies and the role they’d play in the future as the world grew in complexity. The fund made a daring investment, endeavoring to develop a patent portfolio that captured the developments in computational technologies that were necessary to model the complex systems of today. Now, C Squared owns many of the core computational technologies that enterprises rely on for their day-to-day operations.

“You can’t model today’s complex systems without certain core computational technologies” said Kevin Howard, an expert in computation, coding, and parallel processing, and the chief architect of C Squared’s patent portfolio. “We endeavored to get to the bottom of what it takes to model and analyze complex systems accurately. It turns out that the solutions were universal to nearly every vertical out there.”

Just as software is needed in every vertical, so are computational technologies. C Squared’s patent prosecution team dedicated twenty-five years to understanding and patenting the core principles behind accurately coding the dynamics of reality, whether that reality is the predictive maintenance necessary for a jet airplane, managing the supply chain for industrial automation, or predicting the performance of a structured private equity fund.

Today, C Squared is benefiting from its portfolio of companies that exploit how those computational technologies apply to various verticals. One of C Squared’s companies, FinaTech Structured Solutions (https://www.structuredprivateequity.com), licenses its patents to the private equity industry. The result is higher returns for investors, access to more capital for fund managers, and the ability to invest in a broader range of assets for funds.

Fund managers are often surprised to find they need to license the computational technologies they use, but when they understand how the computation technologies can be used to boost returns further, they see that the benefits outweigh the nominal cost of licensing.

Another C Squared company, Massively Parallel Technologies (https://massivelyparallel.com) uses computational technologies to boost the performance of code running on multi-core processors. MPT was able to improve the performance of a LIDAR algorithm by 625x in a DARPA funded HPC project using its patented parallel processing solution.

Yet another C Squared’s company, Fathym (https://www.fathym.com), has found that its directed graph and run time solutions pair well with AI to get factories on the cloud, boosting manufacturing efficiency.

Ultimately, when zeros and ones are used correctly, it means a more efficient future for everyone.

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