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Business Reporter: Managing the new cookieless era and varying attitudes to cold messaging

How providers of compliant sales prospecting tools can help

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an article published on Business Reporter, Dealfront explains how B2B businesses should adapt to a changing market in 2024, while the fundamentals of sales remain intact. The first major change is Google’s and Yahoo’s announcement that new regulations for sending bulk emails using their email services will prevent companies from sending out thousands of emails every day. Although bulk emails are handy when sending out cold emails, they come with downsides as they make personalisation – a new table stakes of marketing – impossible. But personalizing bulk emails is not the only problem when generating leads in the EU – compliance is a huge consideration too. It’s also important to remember that in the European Union, with very limited exceptions, companies need to have consent to send emails to both businesses and individuals they’ve never contacted before.

The tide will also be turning on third-party cookies in 2024 as Google is sunsetting them for good. However, third-party cookies aren’t the only source of truth in B2B marketing and sales. Zero-party data gained directly from a business’s customers and target audiences, as well as first-party data sourced by the business via its own website and platforms are becoming the new stars of post-cookie marketing.

Social media and social selling are already trending in B2B marketing too. Sending out direct messages (DMs) on LinkedIn, for example, to pitch a brand’s products, is a widely adopted practice. However, recent case law in Germany indicates that courts might qualify social selling and DMs as cold emails and therefore subject to the same regulations. Compliant outreach always depends on the region and the country a business is selling to. To navigate the complexities of data compliance, companies will need compliant sales prospecting or sales intelligence tools. Leadfeeder by Dealfront, for example, can track a website’s traffic in a GDPR-compliant way that enables businesses to learn what their customers and prospects are interested in.

To find out more about how to conduct cold outreach campaigns compliantly, read the article.

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