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BeagleY®-AI: Making Computers Open Again

BeagleY-AI opens up computer hardware

BeagleY-AI is a $70, business-card size computer, works with many existing accessories and is certified open source hardware. Order today at beagley-ai.org.

This is an exciting step forward in BeagleBoard’s mission to expand the open-source hardware ecosystem and encourage collaboration. BeagleY®-AI has the potential to change the computing landscape.”
— Christine Long, CEO of BeagleBoard.org Foundation

ROCHESTER, MI, USA, March 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — BeagleBoard.org® Foundation announces the new BeagleY®-AI. BeagleY®-AI is making learning, building, and deploying open-source AI hardware fun and accessible. Featuring a high-efficiency AM67A AI vision processor from Texas Instruments, BeagleY®-AI enables up to 4 TOPS of deep learning performance and simplifies the design of fan-less facial recognition, touchless HMIs, and real-time automation projects for makers, hobbyists, students, and professional developers alike.

BeagleY-AI® is based on the new AM67A AI vision processor from Texas Instruments. The processor features four 64-bit Arm®Cortex®-A53 CPU cores with clock speeds up to 1.4 GHz, two general-purpose C7x DSPs and two Matrix Accelerators (MMAs) that enable up to 4 TOPS of deep learning performance, a vision processing accelerator with ISP, GPU cores, and multiple Arm Cortex-R5 cores for low power, low-latency GPIO control. Users can maximize this compute via high-speed PCIe , USB3 interfaces and flexible multimedia I/Os to enable cost-effective multi-camera, multi-display system designs.

BeagleY-AI’s 40-pin expansion header enables breadboard- and solder-free system prototyping with countless compatible sensors, actuators, and connectivity add-ons. And as an open-source design, professional and advanced users are also free to modify the hardware to take control of the supply chain, manufacturing, and build derivatives that are cost-, size-, and use case-optimized.

Suitable for Numerous Industrial Applications

BeagleY®-AI users get started quickly and ramp AI performance to full throttle in applications such as:
* Robotics
* Factory and Building Automation
* Test & Measurement
* Medical
* Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
* Intelligent Vision
– Image Classification
– Object Detection
– Semantic Segmentation

Full-featured Processor for Today’s Embedded AI Workloads

* Texas Instruments AM67A Arm-based vision processor
– Quad-core 64-bit Arm®Cortex®-A53 CPU subsystem at 1.4GHz
– Dual general-purpose C7x DSP with Matrix Multiply Accelerator (MMA) capable of 4 TOPs
– Arm Cortex-R5 subsystem for low-latency I/O and control
– GPU, video and vision accelerators, and other specialized processing capability
* Memory
– microSD card socket
– Board identifier EEPROM
* Networking
– BeagleBoard.org BM3301 module
– WiFi 6 (IEEE802.11ax)
– Bluetooth® 5.4 with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)
– Gigabit Ethernet with power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) support via add-on
* 3 Simultaneous Displays
– microHDMI
– OLDI (LVDS) with touchscreen support
– MIPI-DSI with touchscreen support (muxed with MIPI-CSI)
* Other I/O
– PCI-Express® Gen3 x 1 interface (requires external adapter)
– 4x USB3 (5Gbps) type-A host ports
– 1x USB2 (480Mbps) type-C device port and power input
– 40-pin expansion header
– Fan power and control connector
* Debug
– 3-pin JST-SH console UART
– 10-pin TAG-CONNECT JTAG header


BeagleY®-AI is available for order now at beagley-ai.org. Be one of the first to get the open source BeagleY-AI shipping late May and early June. Additional board documentation available at beagley-ai.org/quick.

“We are excited to Launch Beagle®Y-AI as a community board. This is an exciting step forward in BeagleBoard’s mission to expand the open-source hardware ecosystem. By providing a platform that encourages collaboration and learning, BeagleY®-AI has the potential to empower individuals to develop their own open designs and contribute to the broader community.” stated Christine Long, CEO of BeagleBoard.org Foundation

About BeagleBoard.org® Foundation

BeagleBoard.org® Foundation founded in 2007 is focused on developing open-source hardware platforms that foster innovation and collaboration. BeagleBoard.org® has a rich history of creating accessible, versatile, and powerful single board computers, enabling developers, hobbyists, and professionals to bring their ideas to life.

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